A Drummer’s Drumhead Company
First and foremost, let’s get something straight. Remo® is a drummer’s drumhead company. After all, for over 50 years, Remo has constantly and consistently broken new ground when it comes to industry firsts. While we were doing what we do best, the competition continued to chase, follow and mimic our technological prowess. Better yet, by the time they even came close to catching up, we were already onto the next big idea. Ultimately, when it comes to our skills as a drumhead manufacturer, no one can touch the technical and musical advantages that Remo drumheads always provide.
In fact, our competitors’ attempts to ride our coattails also pushed us to work smarter, as well as harder. Innovation quickly became part of our DNA.

Remo Catalog 2006 PDF (1.6 MB)

Remo NSL Brochure 2011  

Remo NSL Brochure 2010  

Remo New Products 2008  

Remo Drumhead Catalog 2007

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