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Avira AntiVir Personal is one of the most popular antivirus we can download for free, and it's not luck, but due to the good results and performace given for years for free.
It's extremely easy to use, in fact, if you don't want to mess, just install it and let it run and protect you without having to touch anything. It is characterized by good results when detecting viruses and eliminating them.
Avira AntiVir Personal includes some profiles which will allow you to scan certain drives, my documents folder, Windows installation folder, system processes, removable drives...
Finally, it's automatically updated everyday, so you will not have to worry about having the latest version and it will detect the newest viruses and any other kind of malware.
Internet will be safer if you surf using Avira Antivir Personal.

It supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

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Wah keren nih informasinya salam kenal gan....

keren nih informasinya salam kenal gan....

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