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Portable XP SysPad description ;

XP SysPad is a launcher which makes access to Windows system utilities its specialty

XP Syspad provides quick access to many Windows management features, as well as programs, system folders and more, without having to use the Control Panel or click through multiple menus to get there.

XP SysPad runs in the system tray, from where you can right-click to access common folders (and files inside them), the Start Menu and IE Favorites or left-click to invoke the small interface that lets you select from more than 100 categorized functions, including a small calculator and a clock display.

XP SysPad is a tool that will help you to access many programs and system folders.

XP SysPad is very small with a minute memory footprint, and makes no changes to your system registry whatsoever and comes with uninstaller.

The program does not introduce any new features, all of the functions are mostly shortcuts to standard Windows XP features, however it is much easier (and faster) to access them via XP Syspad.

Here are some key features of "XP SysPad":

· Disk Partition Manager
· DDE Share
· Removable Storage Operator
· Windows Management Infrastructure
· Component Services
· Event Viewer
· Environment Variables
· Object Packager
· Private Character Editor
· SAM Lock Tool
· Dr. Watson
· System Configuration Editor
· Microsoft Address Book Import Tool
· Utility Manager
· Internet Explorer Repair Tool
· Briefcase Information Tool
· Recover lost product key of Windows & MS-Office
· Internet Explorer
· Ip Number
· Hotmail
· Gmail
· Email Default Client
· Kill All Open IE Windows ( ie. run away popups)
· Network Connections
· WAB - Windows Address Book
· Empty IE Cache
· Organize Explorer Favorites
· Run Netstat
· Open Telnet
· Windows Explorer
· System Memory Stats
· Find Files + Folders
· EmptyRecycle Bin
· Windows Sound panel
· Regedit
· Temp file sweeper
· Printers
· Multimedia Settings
· Microsoft Management Console
· Performance Monitor
· Windows Services Panel
· Windows Event Viewer
· Windows Disk Management
· Disk Defragmenter
· Device Manager
· Indexing Service
· Add & Remove Programs
· Display Properties
· Hardware wizard
· Internet Properties
· Regional/Language Settings
· Game Controllers
· Java Plug-In Control Panel
· Mouse Settings
· Control Panel Main
· User Accounts
· Open ODBC Settings
· Power Configuration
· System Properties
· Telephone Settings
· Date/Time Settings
· Sound and Audio Device Properties
· Task Manager
· Wordpad
· Notepad
· Outlook Express
· Media Player
· Movie Maker
· Calculator
· Run Command
· Screen Magnifier
· Character Map
· Capture Screenshot
· Windows Sound Recorder
· Command Shell
· Windows Help
· Hide/Show Taskbar
· Clipboard Viewer
· Log Off /Restart
· On Screen Keyboard
· Narrator
· Network Neighbourhood
· Briefcase Wizard
· Shared Folder Wizard
· Accessibility Options
· Open My Documents Folder
· Open Program Files Folder
· Open Windows Folder
· Open Windows System Folder
· Open Recycle Bin Folder
· Open Desktop Folder
· Open NetHood Folder
· Windows Scanner and Camera Wizard
· Program Manager
· Add Network Place Wizard
· Sql Client Config Utility

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